Who we are

We are a new Skills Training Institute in India for all the WORKMAN (Male and Female) »

How will we do this

Vocational training takes place as much as possible on the job or at the employer's premises. We supply Internet support training modules for computer, laptop, tablet and smart phones. After the Skills Training Course, people have to sit for an exam and upon passing this are granted an internationally recognised certificate. »

What we do

We offer International developed and standardized Skills Trainings complete with International recognized and respected Certificates after good results of the Skills Training. »

Why are we doing this

We are inspired by presence of an overwhelming potential human power in India and we believe that we can support people with the experience we have gained in Western Europe, especially in The Netherlands, in the last decades. »

Mission Statement

Within 5 years we want to be a technical training institute of importance in India. We want to create possibilities for the Indian people to develop themselves to obtain sustainable jobs with good companies.
The “Make in India” campaign stimulates foreign companies to set up  new businesses in India. We will stimulate, train and coach the average working class Indian to achieve long lasting, interesting and well paid jobs.
Through teaching and coaching we shall assist employees to obtain both hard and soft skills required to achieve global standards in their profession. We are convinced that this will also positively contribute to people empowerment and happier personal lives. Simultaneously companies will benefit from higher personal motivation and loyalty amongst employees leading to lower staff attrition.

The Chairman

Johan Teuling has a vast experience in the construction sector having worked in various geographies for Ballast Nedam, decades for the Dutch Steel mills what eventually became Tata Steel, Joint Venture Director for Shell research lab STCA at Amsterdam, and other director level functions at Cofely, part of GDF Suez.